How Reputation Management Is Maintained On Virtual World

Modernization has made significant impact on all the businesses and that is why nowadays people spend lots of time and money for establishing perfect virtual reputation. It is not that easy as it sounds because there are many things that you have to control in order to create and maintain virtual reputation. If you are seeking ways that can help you in possessing perfect virtual reputation then you should read this article very carefully because we have come up with well tested and 100% guaranteed ways that will definitely improve your online reputation. 

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Do We Use Disavow Tools to Remove Off Topics Links?

How to deal with off topics links in your backlinks profile while filling a disavow links?

The question has recently been raised at Google Webmaster Help Forum by one of users who is having many backlinks from a off topics pages in link profile.
Let me explain what is off topics links. Off topic backlinks are the links from a websites or pages which are not related to theme of your website.

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Link Removal – What To Do With Link Not Found, Page Offline or Server Down

While doing the back link analysis of the link profile for removing inorganic or bad links you will find many pages where link is not found and it can be of following type:

  • Domain Expired and Ads Page is appearing.
  • Site is offline and Page not found status.
  • Page is redirected to some other website or page.
  • The page content are changed and now showing your link
  • It is showing some search page

In such circumstances your links is offline and the question arises

  • Should you send a mail to site owner for removal? – NO USE
  • Should you Leave it without doing any action? – Think
  • Should you include the URL or domain in Disavow file? – Yes

Most of webmaster/SEO will advocate not to do anything with such links and no need of even disavow it. I have different opinion it is better to be safe and include in disavow file to prevent damages that might comes in future in the page is activated and link reappears.

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Matt Cutts Advice on Mass Disavow for Specific Time Period Spamming Links

Matt Cutts, in his recent video explained how a website can recover in short time of period as compared to re-filing it again & again. Matt was answering a question asked in terms of interflora rankings recovery within 11 days short time, interflora was penalized for buying links.

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