Do Extensive Bad Link Removals Work Before Filing Google Review Request

Recently you must heard many of webmaster complaints that they have filled Google reconsideration request for removal from manual penalty, two or three time but every time Google manual reconsideration team rejected the request. There frustration is increasing and many issues are filed at Google Webmaster Form for removing inorganic links & submitting reconsideration requests. The issues is addressed by John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst,

My general recommendation for reconsideration requests would be to make sure that you’re really submitting the right & relevant information there, so that it’s clear to those processing the request what steps you’ve taken to resolve this issue: linking to the doc you mentioned is great, linking to a forum discussion is great, providing more context in the message directly is also very useful. In this case, that’s not necessary anymore, but for others, it’s probably worth keeping this in mind.

What we can conclude from the reply of John Mueller the reason of rejection are:

Proper home work for removing of bad or inorganic links not done.
Request is too short and basic and does not explain what you did.
Proper data of work done by you not provided along with review request.

If you will go for filling Google review request form you will see the instructions

Tell us how you have addressed the specific issues we have listed, including all relevant information –

It clearly indicates that you need to provide full information about steps taken by you for removing bad backlinks for cleaning of your link profile. Just provide the Google what they want.