Link Removal Outreach – Why and How to Do

Link Removal Outreach is a method to reach the linking websites owners, webmasters or link hosting companies with various outreach methods to get the incoming bad links removed in order to remove bad or unnatural links. Outreach includes contacting webmasters/owners by finding their contact details and requesting them to remove the links to your website. Outreach Email format/request or work of appealing to people should be personal, polite as well as professional, short and simple to get maximum positive results.

Why You Need Link Removal Outreach

In order to clear spam from web, back in April 2012, Google introduced Penguin algorithm which was aimed to penalise websites having low quality backlinks. Since then Google have been sending unnatural link warning message as well as well as lowering ranking of websites which was having low quality links. Recently with Penguin 2.0 Google gone even further to evaluate backlinks on page level. The only way to get out of this penalty is to make honest afford to audit backlinks and get the low quality links removed and file reconsideration request. Google want webmaster to contact manually to linking websites to get as many as links removed.

You need link removal outreach, if you have received an unnatural link warning or you have experienced a significant decrease in rankings, Or i will say even those websites which are ranking well, need to check their backlinks in advance before they get caught by penguin (Chances are that every website have some shady links). Link removal outreach is the best method to conduct your link pruning campaigns or link cleanup process.

Methods of Link Removal Outreach

There are various methods of outreach which have been very successful; here we will discuss few of them:

  • Direct Email Outreach:This is very common method where you find outreach contact email from contact us page, about us page or whois page and email directly to get the links removed.
  • Contact Form Outreach:In this outreach method, the target contact reached via website contact forms or feedback forms requesting link removal. This method is also very successful in case you do not have any direct outreach email ID.
  • Social Media Outreach:This is very popular method where you research social activity of the target website and outreach directly to their social media accounts. This can be done via personalized messages on profiles at Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin or any other social media related to the owner of linking website, Chances are more that they will respond positively to you due to the fact that outreach is done directly.
  • Direct Communication:In this outreach method, you can conduct direct communication with website owners via phone numbers or postal address mentioned on websites, you will sure get the links removed due to one to one personalised communication.
  • Whois Privacy Outreach: Some website use to have their whois details having privacy from popular services like etc. You can also contact to these websites via given email through privacy company and we have seen that they deliver your email to the concerned owners and hence you can get the low quality link removed.

It does not matter, if you got unnatural message, decrease in rankings, even if you have good rankings, still you need the clear and continuing need for link removal outreach. Link removal is continue process to make sure that you stay safe from upcoming penguin updates.